Play, Planning and Learning

Play is a huge part of children’s learning and development and at Munchkins Nursery we ensure that all children learn through their play. This play can be either lead by the children themselves or by an adult to ensure that they are being provided the correct opportunities to learn. There is a balance of child initiated and adult led play throughout the daily routine of the setting. The provision provided within the setting is tailored to meet your child’s individual developmental needs and ensure that they are stimulated and continuously developing.

The children are at the heart of the planning system in the setting, with observations and assessments of individual children, ensuring the provision provided is suitable and stimulating enough for all the children who attend on a daily basis. From the planning, more observations are made of the children and next steps are made for each individual child. These are then put in place the following week and a new next step is made for the week after that. The practitioners within the setting are all aware of each child’s next steps and actively work to encourage each child to achieve them. The next steps are made from what the children have shown us with regards to their own personal interests and development.

Munchkins operates a key person system. This means that a child will be allocated a member of staff as their key person on admission into the nursery. It is that person who will be responsible for helping the child to settle in, keeping records up to date for that child and carrying out regular observations so as to inform the planning for the room and their continued development. They will also be responsible for making assessments of that child’s skill levels according to the Early Years Framework. The key person is the first point of contact for each child’s parent or carer and they will develop a sound knowledge of the children assigned to them.