Settling in Procedure

We have a settling in procedure for every child that attends the setting and this is tailored for each child as they are all individual. An initial visit of registration is arranged, where you fill in the forms whilst the child is encouraged to play and get to know the practitioners within the setting. If the child becomes upset in any way, you will go through to the room that your child is in and settle them, showing them that you do come back and do not leave them. We will arrange an hour visit with you at a time that is convenient with you and your child’s routine where you leave your child in our care for an hour. Depending how your child does in the hour will depend on what happens next. If your child is fine in that hour then they can start doing their full sessions. Each child is different and practitioners will work with you, gathering information about your child so that we can meet their needs effectively and efficiently.  We ask you to complete a baseline assessment booklet to give us a starting point for your child’s developmental records.